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It’s Kate’s first date as a widow. She’s desperate to get out of it. There’s only one person who can help, Jake, her dead husband.

The two-hander Botanic Garden premiered in February 2008 at the Victory Garden Theater. The highly acclaimed production was directed by Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis. After a successful seven week run, it transferred to the Piccolo Theater for a five week run.




TODD LOGAN Writer/Producer

JON STUTZMAN Sales Associate

Kate and Jake were married for more than 25 years. Now, recently widowed, Kate faces the daunting prospect of dating for the first time in decades.  Kate’s memories of her marriage--some laughter and passion-filled, others frustration-ridden--surround her as she reevaluates her choices in this new chapter in her life. Botanic Garden offers a funny and refreshingly unsentimental look at loss, questioning our collective belief that "moving on" is the best medicine.


“Booking the two-hander Botanic Garden is a no brainer for any size venue.”

–Scott Phelps, Artistic Director, Citadel Theater

Kate on dating...

‘I know what they’re saying.

‘How’s she doing?’ ‘Does she go out?’ ‘That’s too bad.

An attractive woman like her.’

Unspoken implication if I were unattractive then all is okay.’

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